Leafara Treeson

Earth Ghost

Family: Mother: Sheek , Father: Emare

Leafara is a earth ghost, who is outgoing and determined to protect Shiver Valley. She skillful in hunting, but her secret is that she never actually likes to kill animal.


Leafara wears a leaf outfit with a bow and arrow. On special occasions, she wears flowers in her hair.


  • Flamek - Leafara is Flamek's girlfriend, and she trusts him with her life.
  • Watalia - Watalia is Leafara's best friend. Watalia sometimes in jealous because she has a crush on Flamek. They used to be mortal enemys, but when they both got a prophecy is their dreams saying: "Nature cannot not blossom without water, and without nature water has no purpose" they became best friends.
  • Skylos - Leafara and Skylos have an awkward relashionship, but Leafara does think of him as reliable and trustworthy. It is questioned if Skylos should be Leafara's boyfriend, because they kissed just before Skylos went to save his father from Kriptar .
  • Sheek - Leafara is ashamed of her mother for turning evil, and hates her with every part of her.