Flamek Sizgrath

Fire Ghost

Family: Father: Crisper, Mother: Ashayla, Brother: Hudain

Flamek is a fire ghost who is very good in combat, and loyal. Flamek sometimes overreacts and gets angry, but gets over it soon. Flamek never lies.


Flamek wears a red tunic type-thing, and no shoes.


  • Leafara - Flamek is Leafara's boyfriend, and he is very trusting in her.
  • Watalia - Flamek often asks Watalia for advice, knowing that she is very sharp adn quick-witted. They can never be seen together because Fire Ghosts and Water Ghosts are brutal enemies.
  • Skylos - Skylos is Flamek's best friend. They get along very well together.
  • Hudain - Flamek has given Hudain the cold shoulder ever sense he turned him in for being seen with Watalia, a water ghost. There friendship is off and on.